Radiant Awakenings Retreats | Re-awakening Couples
Radiant Awakenings Retreats supports you to cultivate the light you have within and watch it shine through in a radiant expression.
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‘I open myself to the presence of love within me and I share that space with you dear lover’


Love is the highest vibration. Yet life gets so busy at times we can forget how important we are to each other. Taking time out together in the natural beauty and rich culture of Bali can be the perfect way to reconnect and reawaken our love; for ourselves and for each other. Use this time to come together to explore individually and as a couple a gentle pilgrimage into self in the scared places of Bali. Love between yourself and another person is perhaps the most intimate way you can participate in the great mystery. Have the experience of melting into each other’s oceans of love. For a moment, you can transcend the illusion of separation and merge into oneness, not just with one another but with everything.


Kaye trained as a Homeopath and later as a Counsellor and Family Therapist. She has spent the last 27 years working with families and clients to assist their healing. Let her share this journey of discovery and coming together with you.