Radiant Awakenings Retreats | Offerings
Radiant Awakenings Retreats supports you to cultivate the light you have within and watch it shine through in a radiant expression.
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Reawaken your spirit and reconnect with that which inspires, fills with joyful love and nourishes a radiant existence.


For women or couples Radiant Awakenings Bali Retreats share with you a journey within in the natural beauty and rich culture of Bali. In combination with fantastic food and time out from daily life Kaye will share with you the practices that can support a radiant journey; Meditation, Nutritious and delicious food, Traditional Bali Hindu healing and cleansing rituals, Spa Treatments and the Creation of your own rituals and healing practices that enhance your own practices



“Meditation is the birthplace of Happiness” – Deepak Chopra


Each morning we will begin with the breath of life. We will experience the healing benefits of meditation (reduces stress, enhances concentration, helps to create more loving relationships, improves creativity, decreases depression and anxiety) and ways of improving our conscious contact with the Great Spirit of our understanding. We will practice some of the many forms of meditation: Vedic, T.M, Visualisation, Focused Awareness Practice, Sufism, Osho, and Dynamic Meditation.


Yoga is a holistic approach to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health suitable for anyone, at any age, and any level of fitness. It works best when you allow yourself to be exactly where you are with each move, using the breath to soften and relax into the pose. There are a number of studios within walking distance offering you a choice to suit you; Radiantly Alive, Ubud Yoga House, Taksu, Intuitive Flow and The Yoga Barn.


Group Exploration

Working in groups can be a powerful way to access your sometimes hidden inner self. Through the sharing of other people’s stories and experiences we awaken memories of our own, and through the honesty and openness of others we are given permission to connect with those places within ourselves in safety and union. A connection with humanity is granted to us when we share with like-minded people in a healing and supportive environment. The antidote to modern maladies is connection – to self, to others and to universal love.

Rituals & Ceremonies

Rituals and ceremonies are important to cultures and individuals. Nowhere on earth is this more apparent than in Bali. Each day begins with ritual offerings to The Gods and many days have significant ceremonies. Radiant Awakenings Bali Retreats will introduce you to some of the ceremonies of Hindu Bali; Agni Hotra –Ancient Hindu Fire Healing Ceremony, Tirta Empul Tampaksiring – Bali Holy Spring Hindu Water Temple, Moon Releasing Ritual – Radiant Women Bali Retreat, Full Moon Creation Ritual – Reawakening Couples Bali retreat.