Radiant Awakenings Retreats | Keep Radiating
Radiant Awakenings Retreats supports you to cultivate the light you have within and watch it shine through in a radiant expression.
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Keep Radiating

How do I keep the memories alive, and cement the new ways of being and practices into my daily life now I’m back home?


After a holiday some people experience feelings of let down. After a retreat sometimes this feels like spiritual jet lag. Kaye offers Counselling to assist you to re-enter your life. Counselling can explore; how to allow time to assimilate the new experiences, validation of the scared places visited and some hints on how to continue to practice your chosen spiritual rituals and keep to the promises you have made yourself.


Counselling can be accessed one-on-one or at a distance using email, Skype and face-to-face sessions (Kaye is in Alphington, Victoria) at the cost of $120 per one-hour session. Sometimes however, the best follow up is planning your next retreat. Please contact Radiant Awakenings, so we can book a private retreat for you and your friends.