Radiant Awakenings Retreats | Approach
Radiant Awakenings Retreats supports you to cultivate the light you have within and watch it shine through in a radiant expression.
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“To travel is to take a journey into yourself” – Danny Kaye


At Radiant Awakenings Bali retreats you will share a rich journey within that will reawaken your joyful spirit and reconnect you with that which inspires, fills with joyful love and nourishes a radiant existence.Over 7 days and 6 nights you will share morning meditation and setting of daily intentions. From there enjoy a combination of scheduled activities and cultural outings along with free time to explore, shop, relax, take unscheduled tours or enjoy self care options such as daily massage, yoga and spa treatments.


The scheduled activities include: A variety of daily meditation techniques and time for your own practice, Nutritious and delicious food, A full day spa outing, Access to body-work studios such as yoga, Traditional Bali Hindu healing and cleansing rituals, Creation of your own rituals that enhance your current practices and introduce you to new practices.


There are two retreats to choose from:

Radiant Women – for Individuals:         7 Days / 6 Nights            17-23 JUNE 2018

Reawakening Love – for Couples:           7 Days / 6 Nights            24-30 JUNE 2018